Personal Trainers

Gym66 offers a number of highly knowledgeable personal trainers in Cheltenham which we believe is the best in the area.

Our experienced personal trainers are always on hand to show you how machines work in the gym , private tutoring, weight loss or give a few key tips when your training or returning from an injury, we can help to give you a well-structured rehabilitation programme to help you back to full recovery. All clients are treated as a valued member of the team at Gym66.
Gym66 coaches use varied training methods, all available from the equipment at the gym from Weightlifting, CrossFit to Body building, power lifting and general strength & conditioning to try and get the best out of you & your training goals.

Our Coaches: Jack Driver (CrossFit P10), Amy Driver (CrossFit P10), Tom Rutter (PDT), Jan Keller