Monday Madness

Monday Madness


Having worked at a gym for over 5 years now. I am aware of a few things that happen within the fitness world. Seeing as its Monday I’ll give you my top two twat tactics.


  1. International chest day – First of all if you’re still doing body part splits then grow up. Training body part splits is rubbish. Fact. Training one muscle group a day once a week will not get you your desired results. Which brings me on to my next point. “Chest Day”. It literally blows my mind that this is still a thing. You wake up on Monday and think to yourself “I’m gonna train chest today!” along with every other person in the world……apparently.

    So, you get to the gym, there is now a queue for every bench station in every gym across the country. It’s worse than Disneyland. Trust me. You think kids are bad, no no no, giant kids that can’t get on the bench at 6pm are throwing tantrums, sulking in the dumbbell area. 

    Two things to think about. Maybe switch your body day split up so it’s not ‘chest Mondays’ and you aren’t let down when you arrive at the gym, feeling the same way as when you open up a birthday card with no money inside. And lastly get a better programme that isn’t body part splits.


2.‘The Rule’…. Don’t skip the gym on Mondays. This rule can be very good if used correctly, however, 9/10 times it is used by the demotivated members of the gym that come in for their beloved chest session. If you are the slim few that use Mondays to motivate you to hit the gym hard every day of the week, then good for you. If you are the other 90% of people that just come to the gym on Mondays and no other day of the week, to clog the place up, then please can you think about maybe coming in on Wednesday or Thursday when the gym is less busy. It will save gym staff clearing every single weight away and will stop the giant babies having tantrums because someone is lifting less than them on ‘their’ bench.

If you live by the rule, you die by the rule. Don’t hashtag motivation Monday on your insta with some wet motivation quote and feel like your training is done because it really isn’t. Monday is the start of a full week of training, not just something to make you feel better about all the calories consumed over the weekend. In light of all this, have a good chest session.