Why Your Training Split Is Holding You Back


Your training spilt/routine or whatever you do in the gym will reflect how you look, feel and perform.

 So, first things first what is your goal?! Your goal will dictate what you need to do in the gym. This your starting point. This is also where most people go wrong and don’t actually pick a goal. Your goal should be definitive and achievable! If you are over shooting your goals or being fluffy with setting your goal you will then be lost with what you need to do in the gym.

 Example 1 – Over Shooting ‘I want to gain 10kg of solid muscle and be under 10% body fat.’ for the general public this is crazy goal. Yes, there is a clear goal set but this is unrealistic for a beginner, especially short to medium term. 

Example 2 – Fluffy ‘I want to be really strong, have abs, run 5 miles, be able to handstand walk and eat 3000kclas a day.’ As you can see there is a lot to this goal. Nothing is set clearly and it’s all a bit of this and a bit of that.

 Once you have set clear and achievable goals you can now plan what you need to do to hit your goals!

 There’s more than one factor that you need to consider when chasing your goals but what you are doing in the gym is key! This blog is talking strictly gym business, 

 Here are the common mistakes that will stop you in your tracks.

 Gain Muscle Mistakes:

 Body part splits: training one muscle group a day per week. This is not optimal stimulation for growth. You want to be training a muscle group 2-3 times a week for maximum muscle gains.

 Isolation movements: single joint movements targeting single muscles. This is a classic beginner problem. They’ve seen the videos of big beefy men hitting the curls, so they walk into the gym and head straight for the preacher curl thinking this is the way to get big. Wrong. You need to be hitting compound lifts. Hitting these multi joint lifts (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlifts, Pulls) will put more stress on the body for the muscles to grow. Lift big, get big.

 Inadequate recovery: Coming in every day and smashing the bench press and arms. Training a body part every day because you want it to be massive is pointless. You’re doing all the work for little reward and are more likely to get injured than grow some muscle. You need around 48 hours recovery before hitting the same muscle again.

 Losing Body Fat Mistakes:

 Isolation movements: Yes, isolations are still a problem. Isolation movements burn hardly any calories. Compare that to compound movements where you will be burning a lot more calories per rep. You would be silly to stick to your isolations when you need to lose a couple of extra pounds.

 Boring Cardio: Boring snoring cardio is good for no one! Losing the will to live while you step on the treadmill for what feels like an eternity when it’s only a 20 mins session. Try switching up to a HIIT session which will not only last the same amount of time but will be more enjoyable and burn more calories during and after your session!

 Sit ups – 1000 sits up day doesn’t get you ripped. End of.

 There’s plenty of advice and good training splits online or invest in a good PT or Gym66 Classes ;)