How to stay in shape and go out at the weekend

First things first, this article is not about to give you the magic secret that enables you to binge drink every weekend and stay at the top of your fitness. Alcohol has a negative effect on your performance and body composition, no ifs no buts.

Chances are if you’re reading this however, your closer to a weekend warrior than an Olympic athlete and are going to be out most Saturdays regardless. You just want to know how you can get away with it!

Below you will find some pretty damn good advice that gives you the best possible chance.

Why is alcohol bad for our fitness and gut?

In order to know how to reduce the negative effects of alcohol, you need to recognise the causes:


Alcohol is very calorific, even more so considering by the time you go out you’ve already eaten your normal amount of food (calories) for the day.

Poor decisions

We all know alcohol can make us do stupid things. Texting your ex at 3am won’t make you put on fat but smashing a battered sausage, chips, and curry sauce on the way home will! On top of that, some people will go one step further and order fast food the day after!

Calories from drinks + calories from take away on the way home + calories from the hangover cure… you do the math!

The hangover

A big night out on a Saturday means a lazy Sunday. Skipping the gym for Netflix and chill is doing your energy balance no favours.

skipping Workouts

you miss a session mid week and tell yourself you’ll catch up at the weekend, the weekend comes you go out and that session is forgotten. sound familiar?

So how can we be a better weekend warrior?

What you’ve all been waiting for… nothing magical, you just need to box smart people.


2 things to think about here:

1)      Plan ahead, if you know your sinking pints in the evening, reduce the amount you eat in the day, maybe skip breakfast?

2)      Go for low cal booze! Gin and Slim will save you thousands of cals over the course of the night.

Poor decisions

Now skipping the chip shop on the way home is a matter of will, make a point of saying no to fast food on a night out and get your friends involved too. Eating healthy the day after, when you’re not drunk is even easier to handle! Prep your meals the day before ready for that hangover where you can’t think of anything worse than cooking for yourself. Trust me, the realisation that you have an entire days food ready prepped when you wake up feeling sorry for yourself is worth it.

The hangover

You don’t need to be a hero and go to the gym and smash a crazy session. But we do recommend getting up and moving! A walk with friends is a great way to burn some calories without realising and will do wanders for your headache.

skipping Workouts

Train the morning before you go out! burns some extra cals that day and ensures you get one session in at the weekend, as lets face it your going to be hopeless the next day.

Be smart, Plan ahead!

Reducing the damage alcohol does to your gut is about making smart choices, and planning ahead. Nail these tips and you will lose that guilty feeling after going out, and feel motivated to start Monday with a bang knowing you haven’t thrown away your hard work in the week!

It’s not rocket science.