December Training

Tis the season to be jolly and LAZY! 

Christmas time, when the gym or any type of fitness is swapped for the pub and a truck load of food, and rightly so. The festive season only happens once a year so it would be rude not to get balls deep in some pigs in blankets and mince pies. However, The Gains Express does not stop and waits for no man/woman!

Hell hath no fury like a calorie surplus! Because you have exchanged fitness for unlimited puddings your calorie balance will be in the danger zone! Going through the Xmas period and gaining a few pounds is completely fine but when New Year comes and you’re looking more like a sumo wrestler, you know you’ve hit it too hard.

Here are our Gym66 top tips to stay on top of the December decline.

  1. Xmas Walks – Swap your Christmas box sets for a nice long country walk. Instead of sitting on your arse during your Christmas break get up and move about. One is burning calories – one isn’t. You choose which is best.


2. Drink Choice – Now this is a nifty trick to still have fun but not end up looking like Father Christmas himself. Swapping a high calorie drink such as beer for a low-calorie drink such as Gin and slim line tonic can save you 120kcal per drink. If you’re giving it big spuds on a night out and having ten drinks you could save yourself 1200kcal of misery.


3. Damage control – Keep the fitness going through out December! Typically, people are a little busier this month with parties etc. but still find the time to get in the gym or hit some fitness. Even if it is a quick 30-minute session. You will be able to offset the calories you are putting in your cake hole. This brings us nicely on to our next point….


4. Fuck it, it’s Christmas mentality – this is a well-known saying by a lot of crazy Christmas critters. If you have this mentality then I’ll see you on January the 1st knocking on the gym door pleading for a gym membership and diet plan, or I’ll see you running the streets leaving a calorie surplus trail like a little post xmas slug. Switch up your mentality by referring to point 3. Putting on a couple of pounds is a lot better than putting on 10. The more you put on, the more you have to take off.


5. Planning ahead – knowing that you have a big meal coming up in the day or at the end of the week then pre-planning can help you out. Not eating breakfast will give you some extra kcals to have for your big meal for example. For all the intermittent fasting freaks out there, this one is for you. Giving yourself a smaller time frame to eat within the day can cut back the calories.