If we are not being asked how to lose fat, it’s how to build muscle. Building muscle is a thing of beauty that takes time, patience, and consistency!

When we talk about building muscle and ‘making gainz’ we do not discriminate! We get asked muscle building questions predominantly by guys, but to all you ladies chasing a perkier bum and ‘toned’ legs the same rules apply!

There are no shortcuts to building muscle however it is not even half as complicated as the fitness industry likes to make it out to be. Here are our 3 essentials to building muscle: We have kept things very simple for you!


You need to give your body a reason to build more muscle than it already has! The first step to building muscle is providing it with a stimulus, this stimulus comes from your training. Lifting weights Is great for creating the necessary stimulus, performing 8-12 reps per set is the golden rep range!

When trying to build certain muscles/ areas of your body bare this in mind. If you want a better bum, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that you need to train your glutes in order to stimulate growth there.


As well as stimulating your muscles to grow, you must also provide your body with the fuel to do so. Your body can’t build muscle with energy it doesn’t have! being in a small calorie surplus (eating more calories than you burn) is recommended for most.

As well as ensuring you eat enough calories, keeping your diet high in protein is also essential. We recommend consuming 2 grams of protein per every KG of bodyweight. For example: someone who weighs 60KG should try and eat 120 grams of protein per day. 


Last but not least, an often over looked factor, recovery! When you train you put your body under stress, this stress is what forces your body to adapt (build muscle) so give it the time to do so! If you did a tough lower body workout Monday, don’t go and smash legs again the next day. Aim to give muscles 48-72 hours’ recovery between sessions that directly train them.

When trying to recover from tough sessions and build muscle SLEEP is your best friend. 8 hours a night every night. Get the beauty sleep in.