Preparation for the Nation

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’

So cliché yet so true. This can apply to many different things. 

From working with a number of different clients on weight loss, Frank and I have used this saying quite a lot when it comes to meal prep. With the notion of if you can prep your meals for the day/week, you are more likely to hit your calorie and protein goals set and therefore lose body fat. This doesn’t have to be every meal as you might want to come home and cook dinner (if you have stuff to cook!), that’s fine. But maybe think about prepping one or two meals that can stop you deviating off the path leading to poor food choices.


Why is prepping your meals the best way to go?

1.    You know exactly what is in your meal as you made it!

2.    Less likely to go to the shop and buy something that isn’t really great towards your weight loss goals.

3.    Meal prep is cheaper than buying packet food from the shop every day.

4.    Once meal prep is done you don’t have to worry about what you’re eating and can get on with daily jobs/work!

 Now meal prep meals don’t have to be boring and bland. Be creative, search the internet for ideas and different recipes. Then you just cater for your macro goals. Cook a batch for however many days you want and job done!

This blog kind of follows on from ‘health is a 24/7 process’. People will mainly meal prep on a Sunday which is a day off from work. Just because you have a day off work doesn’t mean you stop working on your health. This 1-2-hour process on a Sunday can set you up for success for the week.