The 4 days drunk diet



Fu*k the All or Nothing Mentality

For some reason when it comes to ‘Health & Fitness’ or ‘Getting in shape’ we have this all or nothing mentality. We want a clean sheet, a perfect week of meal prep and training sessions… and if it doesn’t go that way we bin the whole week off. What’s worse!? People will even pre-empt a fuck up and write the week off in advance!? “oh I’m going out Friday so I will start the gym next week”. Face palm.

No No NO. If one day you go out; you eat junk or you drink too much that’s a very good reason to make the other 6 in the week count. Life happens, and you’re very rarely going to hit that perfect week so just accept that and make sure your average is consistently up and you will continue to move towards your goals.

Let me use an extreme example (a 4-day beer drinking horse racing festival I embarked on last week) to get this point across.

Now before we start, drinking 4 days on the trot is never clever, healthy, or advisable in any case. But for as long as I can get away with it I will do it once a year. And it serves as a good example.

So the festival is Tuesday-Friday. Surely you take the week off, freshen up over the weekend and start again Monday? Give yourself a break … have the week off it won’t kill you…

Not for me, and here’s why:

The 4 days of the festival are going to be a write off whatever, it’s a holiday and I’m going to enjoy it. But the days either side are not, and there’s no reason why business can’t continue as usual.

So with that in mind here was my Weekly training and food schedule:

  • Monday – A Full body workout (as I know I won’t hit many sessions), and my usual diet.

  • Tuesday – Ran to the gym for 7am, another full body workout and a run home (running to burn extra cals for what’s about to come). Festival starts: beers & burgers.

  • Wednesday – 0 training, more beers, more burgers.

  • Thursday – 0 training, more beers, more burgers. I did walk instead of take a taxi however.

  • Friday – 0 training, more beers, more burgers, more walking.

  • Saturday – 0 training, a lot of sleeping, but now eating decent food.

  • Sunday – Back on song, plenty of food, another Gym session, a Sauna and an early bed time.

  • Monday – Not feeling guilty, Realisation that I actually hit 3 gym sessions the previous week, and straight back into my usual routine.

4 day bender… No biggie.

(just kidding, as I said it’s just an extreme example to get the point across).

BUT: if I can hit 3 gym sessions, eat good food for 3 out of 7 days, and keep my steps up in a week where I was drunk for 4 whole days. Why the hell can’t you do that week to week?!?

There’s 365 days in a year, bad weeks will add up a lot lot quicker than bad days. Of course you are going to have to limit yourself more or less dependant on your goal, but once in a while everyone has an off day. Do the damage control either side and keep moving forward!