Reasons Why Modern-Day Life Is Making Us Fat!

Before I get stuck into this blog, you have to take full responsibility for your own health. IF you aren’t in the shape you want to be then YOU have to sort it out. Don’t just blame it on external factors that can be overcome.


Most of the population are on some sort of health and fitness mission. Mainly in the conquest for a slimmer and tighter looking physique. This will be through losing body fat. The process of losing body fat couldn’t be simpler, burn more energy through movement and activity than energy consumed through food (magic formula). 


However, the modern-day life is f**king us royally…. And here’s why….


·     Increased portion sizes

·     Increased hyperpalatable, calorie dense food selection

·     Increased number of fast food restaurants

·     More ready-made meals, less home cooking

·     Increased food delivery apps


Now, all the bullet points above are ways in which you will increase calories without even batting an eye lid. This will go against our formula of burning more than you put in your system and therefore will pack on the pounds. 


·     More sedentary jobs

·     Decreased physical activities in schools

·     Increased public transport available

·     Increased number of escalators and elevators


All of the above points are going to decrease your activity meaning you are going to be burning less throughout the day.


When you combine the two, both sections lead to a big problem and are some of the reasons contributing to people being obese in todays world. 


As I said at the beginning, you are in full control of what goes in your body and what you do with your body. All of these problems can be avoided! These are only small hiccups along the way on your health and fitness goals.