3 month challenge debrief

Back in December 2018 we decided that we wanted to give our services for free to a select few that could really benefit from having some help in the big bad health & fitness world (it’s not all that scary and part of our job was simplifying the process and making it enjoyable). We have our methods and we love working with those that are willing to give as much as they get, so we set out to find 4 people keen to make a difference to their health.  

We put out an application form and had tonnes of applicants (everyone loves a bargain right). Jokes aside one of our fears was how motivated people would actually be when they were getting a free service, we decided we would have to be fairly cut throat along the way to ensure no one is wasting ours or their time. 

We interviewed people and looked for those who either really needed our help to make a difference to their health, or those with motivating reasons behind their goals. We confirmed 4 people who all had similar goals in that they wanted to lose weight, increase their fitness, and feel better about themselves.

The process

Everybody came to us with different training & nutrition backgrounds, the main focus of the first week was to get a clear picture of our challengers’ lifestyles. We tracked what they ate, how often they trained, and how many steps they did day to day. From there we slowly started to try and change their habits to get to their goals.

Some found it more straight forward than others, but we noticed very similar hurdles to leading a healthier lifestyle. Everyone was living life day to day and ‘winging it’ with their food choices and training which was leading to skipped gym sessions & poor food quality.

We spent a lot of our time helping our challengers to plan what they were going to eat and when they could train in advance. We know that life happens and no week is the same, so we met every week to discuss the last.. and plan for the next. We also found this hugely important for keeping the challengers accountable (which they agreed), as it was a constant reminder of their goals and how to get there.

As well as introducing some structure to our challengers week, there was a lot of educating & myth busting to be done. We like to do the basics and do them very well here, leaving little room for confusion or error.

Our meeting time was mostly taken up talking about daily habits and nutrition with our classes taking care of the training. We got people in 3 classes a week and it was so good to see them build in confidence as the weeks went on. We had people who have done years of training but never with us, and others who had barely stepped foot in a gym. Everyone was nervous to start but with the coaching team and great members we have, they all loved the training! All of the challengers we worked with would tell you that they really enjoyed the classes and met a very supportive group along the way (we have awesome members).

The process wasn’t completely straight forward for all 4 challengers or us as coaches. We had 2 that bought into the process from the get go and 2 that found it more difficult. By the end of the challenge we finished with 2 people rather than 4, through mutual agreement that it probably wasn’t what they expected or wanted. Working with 4 very different people it’s been great for us as coaches to learn what does or doesn’t make people tick. For anyone that is reading this thinking of giving it a go, be assured that we will work our socks off to give you all the tools you need to get you to your goal, just have a positive attitude and trust the process. 

The 2 that we worked with for the full 12 weeks produced some fantastic results with ben losing 20kg (3 stone) and Niki losing 10kg (1.5 stone)… pretty impressive if you ask us! The scales show amazing progress in weight-loss But that wasn’t all; they both got stronger and fitter, gained control of their food choices and activity levels, and grew in confidence.

A massive well done, and we look forward to seeing the results continue with newly formed habits and knowledge!

3 month challenge number 2

As a gym and coaches we have really enjoyed the process and can’t wait to get going again. We work with any abilities from all backgrounds, we just ask for your full commitment in return!

For the chance to work with us and see incredible results in just 12 weeks click here to apply.

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