If you change nothing... Nothing will change.

 Generally speaking, most people maintain a similar physique year-round. You may fluctuate a few kilos here and there, but you always hover around the same weight. Sound familiar?

We are creatures of habit, and our daily decisions all add up over time to dictate the way our bodies look and perform. Your ‘go to’ breakfast when you’re in a rush, your route to work, how many times a week you train, how many nights out you say yes to or how many cookies you steal from the cookie jar… They all add up and average out over time. 

What is also common is for people to say they have been doing everything! 

Now you may well be smashing the gym, eating healthy, staying consistent, but the truth is… if nothing is changing, then something NEEDS TO CHANGE and it’s yours or your trainers’ job figure out what. 


Let’s talk body weight first.

If your body weight is staying the same, you are in a point of equilibrium. Both ends of the seesaw are balancing each other out. One end of the seesaw being energy going in, and the other being energy going out. 

If you are one of those people who feels like they are not making any progress despite smashing the gym, consider taking away from the ‘energy going in’ side by reducing how much food & drink goes in. 

If you are currently doing very little activity, consider adding to the ‘energy going out’ side by adding a few gym sessions or making the effort to walk more.

To make a change to your bodyweight you need to tip the seesaw in your favour by adding or taking away from the correct side.

Now let’s talk body composition.

Body composition is the proportion of fat, and fat free mass (muscles, bones, organs) in your body. You’re not changing your organs or bones anytime soon, so basically how much fat vs muscle you hold. This dictates how you look!

If you have a lot of fat to lose… keep things simple and refer to the seesaw example above. Weight coming off you is more than likely going to be fat. 

Now some of you may be happy with your clothes size, not carrying an excessive amount of fat, or think of yourselves as ‘too big’. But you may be training hard and not seeing any changes to the way you look! You don’t necessarily need to lose weight, but you will need to improve your body composition.

This is slightly more complex than just energy in vs energy out.

You will need to consider:

  • The type of training you do. 

  • The quality/ intensity you train at. 

  • The macro & micro nutrients you get from foods.

  • The quality of food you eat. 

To name some of the key factors!

 To try and give you a few simple targets for improving body composition we would suggest:

  • weight training 3+ times a week.

  • A high protein diet.

  • Getting most of your calories from nutrient dense foods.


So wherever you are on your fitness journey remember that your body is a reflection of your daily choices, and if you want to change your body you must change what you do!

You MUST go through a period of time where you do things differently to what you always have done. 

if you change nothing, nothing will change.