Post Holiday

Seeing as I’ve just come back from an overindulgent holiday I thought it would be the best time to write about what the ‘dreaded’ return to fitness will be like and I think you’ll be quite surprised.


Holidays are a time for relaxation and enjoyment and to get away from normal life and routines. If you don’t put on a couple of kilograms whilst being on holiday, then you are probably doing it wrong or you are on some sort of boot camp. So close down your MyFitnessPal app, apply some SPF and put your feet up.


Now before we get into the return from holiday, I’m going to go over a few situations. This will likely be down to where you are in your own fitness journey. If you have been into fitness for a long time and know a lot about fitness, then I think that on holiday you can completely switch off and be a lot more relaxed with your intake of food and drink. On the flip side of this is if you have only been on a 12-week fitness journey to try and get in shape for your holiday, in which case you are probably going to want to be a bit more cautious on what you shove in ya gob.


The reasons for this will be explained!


I would probably take a guess that pretty much every one will jump on the scales when they get back from holiday to see what the damage is. Now depending how long you’ve been away will determine how much damage there will be. 1 week away will be a lot different to 4 weeks away (if you are going on a 4-week holiday then lucky you!).


So, what happens after you step off the scales?

For some people there may be some tears while others may be pleasantly surprised. But for EVERYONE the plan of attack will be exactly the same!




If you have good habits and routines engrained in you from the past five years then getting back on track after a holiday is simple because you will just fall back into routine and carry on as normal. Which means that you can be more relaxed on holiday because there is no delay on return.


On the other hand, if you don’t have a big background knowledge of fitness or haven’t been doing ‘fitness’ that long, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is DO NOT DELAY the comeback to whatever it was you were doing before you went away! I also said to be a little mindful of what you eat and drink. This is only down to the fact that once you step on the scales you will become demotivated. The more weight you will have put on, the more demotivated you will feel. Which will cause the delay in getting back at it. Most holiday weight is water weight anyway, so it is very easy to lose!


The general rule of thumb is that for however long you are away from the gym, the same time it will take to get back to where you were before you left. Absolute mouthful. For example, if you have been away for two weeks then it will take about two weeks to get back to your pre-holiday state.


Yes, damage can be made on holiday, but the real damage is made by delaying the return to whatever it was you were doing in the first place. Have the mindset that if you did it before holiday, why can’t you just jump straight back into it after holiday? The only change is that you should be well rested which works in your favour. Don’t adopt a defeatist attitude that there’s no point because you’ve put on half a stone, have trust in yourself that you can get rid of it as easily as you put it on.


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