Top 5 reasons you are FAT

  1. Calorie Surplus

Get to know what calorie balance is. After all it is the main reason why you are either succeeding or failing to reach you goals. You’re spending too much of your life in a calorie surplus. A calorie surplus is when you eat more calories than you burn. In this state you are going to store extra energy (Calories) as fat.

 2. Not Moving Enough

To burn calories you need to move. NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is any movement that is done outside of the gym. This makes up quite a lot of your total calories burnt, so if you aint moving, you aint burnin’ sister! Get off yo butt and get stepping. 10k steps can burn up to 500kcals!

3. Your Gym Programme Sucks

Check your self before you wreck yourself. Take a look at your programme, what do you see? Do u see a well structed full body calorie burning programming or do you see a body part split full of isolation movements? For fat loss you need full body exercises or compound lifts which will use more muscles and in turn burn more calories. Isolation exercises burn next to nothing. So, it’s pretty pointless. #IsolationForMelts

4. Drinking Calories

At Gym66 this is the ultimate no no for losing fat. The one liquid that particularly stands out is the devils brew. Alcohol. At 7kcal per gram in its purist form, a couple of pints or glasses of wine can take you easily into a calorie surplus. So, think again when you think a couple of pints won’t hurt.

5. Secret Eating/Not Scanning

Right, if every secret eater came forward and admitted to this habit then there wouldn’t be as many over weight people trying to lose weight. The secret eater will claim to eat absolutely nothing all day, yet when back home behind closed doors will go to town on the fridge and the cupboards waking up face down in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. 4000kcals is still 4000kcals regardless if anyone watches you eat it or not. Our advice is to scan every bit of food/drink on My Fitness Pal before you put it in your mouth to see how many calories you actually consume every day. And we mean everything, not just the things you want people to see.