three months all inclusive body transformation completely free.
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That’s right, we are going to educate and coach you through training and nutrition fundamentals to transform your body free of charge!

so why are we doing this?

Here at Gym66 we have a passion for doing things the right way, and doing them very well. We know that with our facilities and our knowledge we can make amazing changes to someones health and life, and we want to show this off!

what do we want from you?

To give it your all!

This isn’t an easy ride and a few free gym classes, this is a commitment to working with us for the 3 months and doing what is required to get to your goals.

We are not saying that it is going to be easy, but if you put in the work it will work!

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More specifically

  • A minimum of 3 classes per week.

  • 1 hour meeting per week to include:
    - weekly weigh in and body photo.
    - nutrition catch up.
    - a quick interview for social media.

  • Keeping a food diary on my fitness pal app.

  • Wear an activity tracker completing 10k steps per day.

  • One post per week on your own social media.

What do you get from us

  • Goal setting and planning.

  • Unlimited programmed strength and fitness classes. (see ‘group training’ for more)

  • Calculate your calories and macros.

  • Nutrition guidance and education.

  • Ongoing monitoring and support from our team throughout the three month period to ensure you achieve your goal.

  • Activity tracker


How to apply?

This challenge is only limited to 3 spaces. Fill out the form below to tell us why we should pick you!
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