The complete online personal training EXPERIENCE. everything you need WITH constant support for GUARANTEED results!


At gym66 we take our training seriously. We have taken the time to design an online training membership that guarantees results. With us you don’t just get sent a programme and left to your own devices, we monitor and work with you continuously throughout to ensure you know exactly what you are doing.

Read below to find out exactly what we offer:


Initial Assessment

You will fill out our ‘personal assessment’ form to help us find out exactly what you want from the process, so we can guarantee that YOU get the results YOU want.


Personal Gym programme

We will design the perfect gym programme personal to you. You will receive your gym programme every 4 weeks to ensure you keep progressing.


66 Nutrition Guide

You will receive our Gym66 Nutrition guide. This will educate you on the basics of calories, macronutrients, and food tracking. This guide can be used as a reference point throughout your time with us to support the process.


Personal Calorie and Macro targets

You will receive personal calorie and macro targets that will be adjusted in line with your progress. If ‘macros’ is an alien term to you, don’t panic! That’s what the nutrition guide is here for.


Weekly check - in

You will check in with us weekly to assess the previous week and set targets for the next. Checking in weekly will keep you accountable and give you the chance to ask any questions.


Constant support

Enter in to your own Whatsapp group with our two head coaches for round the clock support! This could be little tips and tricks, or us sending you over a quick exercise demo if you get stuck.


All INCLUSIVE online pt just £80 per month!

Minimum membership time is 2 months so we can guarantee long enough to progress toward your goal, there are no shortcuts but always results!

3 months discounted price: £200

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