Hear what our members have to say about gym66!

If you want a gym where you won’t be judged, where you will look forward to going and that will make a positive difference to your life then join Gym66. I’ve relocated 200 Miles because of this gym.
My strength, speed, endurance and conditioning have improved dramatically from where I was.
I couldn’t be prouder of my achievements in the last 12 months!
Socially there is an amazing group of people at the gym, from total newbies to experienced athletes.
There is a focus on moving properly in the sessions which immediately identified where my weaknesses are. I have now been attending classes at Gym66 for 1 1/2 years and move better both inside and outside the gym as a result.
I’m now much fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been before, and able to push myself way further than I ever expected!
If other people hadn’t encouraged and supported me, or had confidence in my ability, I never would have competed in fitness events this year!
My core strength has improved significantly and, while I still have a lot to work on, I look forward to training every day - it is addictive!
The support is simply priceless. I have lost 25lbs (1stone 11lbs) since starting at Gym66, The instructors push me when my head is saying no, but my body clearly had more to give.
9.5 stone a go, I would never have dreamed I’d go to a gym let alone every day.
A very friendly and supportive atmosphere whichever class you’re in. You definitely need that support if you’ve ever attempted a minute at max effort on an Assault Bike!!!
The coaches and members of Gym66 make it a truly awesome place to train - alongside the hard work, gurning and (good) pain is always a great atmosphere full of great people.
I doubt there are many places to train that come close to Gym66, which is why I intend to keep turning up, making the place look untidy, for a long time to come!

I came to look round and met Jack, talked through my injury and he reassured me that I’d be able to do classes as all the coaches could adapt exercises to suit. And they have, but in a way That made me feel still part of the class which really helps with self confidence.
The coaches put me at ease straight away with their in depth knowledge and supportive attitudes.
Recording “Personal Best’s” is such a great feeling and gives you a drive you didn’t know was there.
4 months later I’m addicted, I go every day, I’ve made friends, I’ve been encouraged and I’ve gained confidence. The classes challenge you regardless of your ability and you get out of them what you are prepared to put in!
The coaches put a great deal of thought in to the structure of the sessions which means that I don’t have to. . I know that if I turn up on a regular basis and trust the programme I am going to see results.
I signed up with a 2 class a week membership, which almost immediately went to unlimited as I got so much out of the sessions. A year later my wife joined too and has never looked back having experienced all of the same benefits.
Massive Thank you to the team @Gym66, as who thought I would get up at 05:30am daily to train – but good people are priceless and Gym66 is a little fitness family.