Firstly guys, a massive well done for smashing test week. Loads of PBs in the bag!

Frank and I still feel that there should be a few more people recording their weights and times. I know a few people do it already. We can not stress how important it is to record weights because week on week there should be a tiny bit of progress on everything we do. Then at the end of a 12-16 week training phase PBs should be easy to get! 

Everything must be recorded and accounted for, otherwise you will just train and just float along. With out no real training reason. At the end of the day everyone has a goal, be it getting stronger, faster, fitter or even just dropping a couple of lbs on the scales. If you track progress your motivation will also stay high as you will see improvements in all areas! 

Now for new training block..... 


A) Back Squat 5x5

B) Floor Press 5x5

C) 4 Rounds

10 Dual KB Swings

10es KB Rack Rev Lunge

10 KB Push Press

10es KB Wipers